Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property To Rent


If you have never rented a property before, or you just want to get off to the best possible start when finding your perfect property we have a few helpful tips to make sure you are asking the right questions when viewing a property. Asking the right questions before moving in can save you time and money in the future. 


What are the move in costs ?


Usually when renting a property you will pay a months rent in advanced as well as a security deposit and an administration fee to your estate agent. You should ask for a full break down of the move in costs so you are clear about what you will need to pay and to help you workout what you can afford.


What happens to the security deposit ?


Tenants security deposits must be protected by one the government approved schemes, you should check which scheme the money will be held in and you should also get written confirmation or a certificate to prove that it has been protected. At the end of the tenancy if their is any dispute over damage to the landlords property the protection scheme will mediate between the tenant and the landlord to make sure the dispute is dealt with fairly.  


How long is the lease ?


Tenancy agreements are normally for a minimum of 6 or 12 months initially, you should find how long the lease is for and what happens after the initial fixed term. Some landlords may ask you to sign a new fixed term agreement and some may be happy to let you stay on a periodic tenancy which rolls month by month giving you both more flexibility to end the agreement. If you are planning on staying put for some time you should check if the landlord has any intentions to sell the property so as not to be disappointed if they ask you to leave when your fixed term contract expires.


Does the property come furnished or un-furnished ?


You should ask exactly what furniture if any is included with the property, don't assume if their is furniture in the property on your viewing that it will be included with the rental, Landlords usually re-list their property to rent when the current tenant is still living their and the furniture and kitchen appliances could belong to the current tenant.  


Does everything work and who is responsible for repairs ?


You should find out who is responsible for repairing items included with the rental. Don't be scared to test any kitchen appliances, the heating, shower, windows and doors to check that they work correctly. If something doesn't work you should get written confirmation that it will be repaired or replaced before moving in to avoid any issues further down the line. You should also find out who you would contact in the event of an emergency. 


Are you allowed to redecorate ?


Some landlords are happy for you to paint walls and change curtains, others are not. Don’t forget to ask about their policy regarding hanging pictures, mirrors or shelves – many landlords allow for this as long as holes are covered/repainted after you move out. Make sure to get written consent before carrying out any changes to the property to cover yourself and protect your security deposit. 


Are you allowed to keep pets ?


A high number of landlords don't allow tenant to keep pets, it is important to ask this question when booking a viewing to save wasting your time viewings properties which you won't be able to apply for.


Be sure to discuss these questions with your agent or landlord before paying any money or agreeing to take a property. Feel free to contact Liverpool Residential with any other questions you may have - Email: or Telephone: 0151 322 2003. 


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