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HMO Property Management in Liverpool

We can help you find reliable tenants for your HMO property in Liverpool. We have a large database of pre-registered student and professional tenants looking for shared accommodation across the Liverpool area. We offer HMO landlords a tenant find only service and full property management.


Managing a HMO property is a lot different to managing a single buy to let property. Their are additional management duties you have to fulfil when managing a HMO & for larger properties you will require a HMO license. 


We have over 16 years experience managing HMO's in Liverpool & will make sure your property is compliant, adhering to the latest legislation.


Renting your property on a room by room basis to multiple tenants can generate more income than a standard buy to let but typically these type of lettings are more time consuming to manage & require a dedicated property manager. 


Over recent years the standard of HMO's have improved significantly, if you feel your property is tired or dated we can advise what improvements could be made to minimise void periods, make the property more desirable and also help you achieve higher rents.


Article 4 Direction in Liverpool 

Over recent years Liverpool has seen the number of HMO properties increase immensely. Article 4 direction was a tool introduced to remove permitted development rights to help local authorities limit the number of HMO's.


Article 4 restrictions where first introduced in Liverpool in 2018 covering parts of Wavertree which was highly populated with students lettings. In 2021 after reviewing the situation, further restrictions where put in place covering many areas across the city.


If you are thinking about purchasing a property to rent as a HMO you should check that the property has the correct permission.  


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